Natreon’s New Natreon One Sports-Marketing Platform at SupplySide West 2017 Is a “Clear Pathway to Claims” for Formulators


Natreon’s new Natreon One Sports-Marketing Platform is focused around four key areas of sports nutrition-focus, energy, endurance, and recovery-to hone its marketing message and build its position in the sports nutrition category.

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At this year’s SupplySide West trade show, Natreon (New Brunswick, NJ) debuted a new sports nutrition platform, Natreon One. Natreon says it developed the platform, which is focused around four key areas of sports nutrition-focus, energy, endurance, and recovery-to hone its marketing message and build its position in the sports nutrition category. Bruce Brown, the newly appointed president of Natreon, spoke to Nutritional Outlook at the show about how formulators can harness the new Natreon One platform to find natural, clinically studied ingredient solutions to meet consumer demand for natural products for sports nutrition.

According to Brown, Natreon One will help the company solidify its position in the ever-growing sports nutrition market, where demand for natural ingredients has piqued the interest of sports nutrition product formulators. Since assuming his new role as president of the company, Brown said that it quickly became apparent to him that Natreon had four key products that were the “primary workhorses” of the company. Those products are PrimaVie, which is sourced from Himalayan shilajit; Sensoril, an aqueous extract of ashwagandha roots and leaves; Capros, a “heart-healthy” superfruit extract; and AyuFlex, a superfruit extract with purported joint-health benefits. Brown said that these four ingredients all have something in common: applications in sports nutrition.

“We said, ‘Boy, we’ve got this wonderful position in sports nutrition. Let’s begin to market around that.’” Brown explained. “Let’s begin to build our position and signal to the community that we have, 1) great existing products already in the sports nutrition category; 2) that we’re going to continue to invest in clinical trials in this arena…and 3) that we’re going to continue to develop new products in sports nutrition. That’s what Natreon’s all about.”

Brown said he attributes the increased interest in natural products for sports nutrition to a few key factors. First, he said, consumers are more educated than ever before about the ingredients in the products they use. Brown also pointed out that the joint-health, skin-health, cardiovascular-health, and energy categories are highly sought after. “These are really critical claims and categories consumers are looking for,” he said. “This is where our clinical research shows positive results, and these are really the categories that are driving growth in sports nutrition.”

Another factor, he said, is the safety of Natreon’s natural ingredients. “From a formulator’s perspective, there’s a lot of rigor. The number one concern from many of the brands we work with is safety, ensuring we do no harm and ensuring we see a good outcome in the ingredients we supply our customers and our consumers.” Brown added that each of Natreon’s ingredients is backed by 8-10 clinical studies, something that can give formulators added “peace of mind” when selecting ingredients. “I think that builds a level of comfort in sourcing from us. They can reference the patents, they can reference the [clinical trials], and they can be assured of the quality and the traceability of the products we have.”

The company also unveiled a new micro website, where industry personnel can find detailed information about each of the ingredients in the Natreon One platform at



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