Monteloeder Launches New, Interactive Smartphone App to Enhance Supplement User's Experience


The company’s new, interactive smartphone app for its ingredients is designed to “enhance” the supplement user’s experience.

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Ingredient supplier Monteloeder (Ailcante, Spain) recently announced that it is launching a new, North American headquarters in Miami, called Monteloeder USA. In addition, the company says it has developed a new, interactive smartphone app for several of its flagship ingredients that is designed to “enhance” the end-user experience. This new app is part of the company’s new “digitalization platform,” which it has named “Health 3.0.”

The new smartphone app benefits marketers selling products containing Monteloeder ingredients by helping those companies create a more interactive experience for their supplement customers. For instance, in the case of NutroxSun, Monteloeder’s nutricosmetic ingredient, the app enables customers do the following: track environmental data, such as current UV index, temperature, pollution levels, wind, and humidity; calculate individual sun exposure using information from mobile sensors (GPS signals, magnetic fields, WIFI signals); and to track any benefits seen from supplementation, including calculating “how the UV budget increases/reduces based on sun-exposure habits, compliance with the intake of NutroxSun, and application of sunscreen,” the company says.

“Our app is unique because the user does not need to tell the app when he/she is exposed to the UV rays, but rather the app tells the user. Therefore, UV sensor is not required to collect sun-exposure data,” Arturo Lizón-Nordström, PhD, CEO, Monteloeder, explained in a press release. “Instead, the app integrates a mechanism able to interpret data from different sensors of the iPhone and assess when the user is exposed. Also, it works even when the phone is tucked away inside a pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. The app also allows for instant online purchase.”

According to the company, this innovative technology will help facilitate a shift from “selling product to selling consumer experience.” The benefit to such a system, it says, is its ability to consider contextual information, including information from clinical trials featuring the product, as well as personalized data for the consumer.

Lizón-Nordström said: “It is now the norm for people to interact with their smartphones and tablets for all aspects of their lives,” he said. “It makes sense for a consumer health product brand to be a companion, an educational advisor that allows them to engage more intimately with the health products they consume, as well as the experiences and results those health ingredients and brands promise.”

In addition to this app, Monteloeder is also offering its brand-marketer clients use of a QR code that marketers can use to send messages to customers. “Our digital marketing technology allows for real-time personalized contextual messaging,” Lizón-Nordström said. “Using the QR code from any advertising platform allows you to send your consumers a personalized landing message that analyzes their environments and instantly offer solutions to respond to, as well as the products necessary to protect themselves. This solution is very effective in the initial stages of the Customer Journey previous to the purchase of the product.”

The company’s new “Health 3.0” platform encompasses three of its branded ingredients: PLX, an extract from Lippia citriodora, which purportedly “improves the body’s natural adjustment to exercise by activating the endogenous antioxidant defenses;” topical and nutricosmetic ingredient NutroxSun, a synergistic blend of Mediterranean citrus and rosemary extracts shown to combat the negative effects of UV exposure and increase skin elasticity; and MetabolAid, a combination of lemon verbena and Hibiscus sabdariffa, which is said to “support against key characteristics of metabolic syndrome,” as well as help increase satiety and reduce food intake.

The company is set to make its North American debut at SupplySide West 2017 (Las Vegas).



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