Monk Fruit, Stevia Supplier Layn Corp. to Quadruple Production Capacity with New China Facility


The company is also opening a new innovation center in addition to the new production facility.

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Monk fruit and stevia ingredients supplier Layn Corp. (Newport Beach, CA) announced that it is opening a new facility for increased production capacity of its natural, high-intensity sweeteners. The company says that this addition will enable it to produce four times its current annual volume of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) and monk fruit (Siraitia grosvenorii) extracts. According to the company, the major benefits of the facility are its new technology, waste reduction, and overall sustainability. The company says the “state-of-the-art facility” will provide Layn with the highest capacity of vertically integrated natural sweetener production in the world. The company is also opening a new innovation center in addition to the production facility.

Construction of the new facility and innovation center, set to open in this August in Shanghai, began more than two years ago. The new production facility will produce both powder extract and liquid concentrate forms of various natural sweeteners, it says, with a focus on proprietary blends. The innovation center will focus on sweetener formulation and application support, patents for new ingredients, and processes. The Shanghai facility will become headquarters for Layn’s existing North American product development team.

In a press release, Elaine Yu, president, Layn USA, commented: “In today's environment of increasing government regulation and consumer awareness around the foods they eat, it's important that we provide the best sweetener solutions today with an eye to innovation for tomorrow. Layn is dedicated to offering these unique and innovative products to our customers. Our facility and the Global Innovation Center position Layn as the full-service one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to use natural sweeteners.”

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