Menopause support with Waleria Health: Dispatch from SupplySide East 2024


Nutritional Outlook talks to Waleria Health's founder and CEO Komal Baldwa about recent research on its shatavari root extract and the menopause support market.

Excerpt from the interview above. Komal Baldwa talks about the menopause journey and some of the symptoms that are not being discussed enough:

“So a perimenopausal woman to a postmenopausal woman; it's a journey. Usually, the journey is about an average of eight years. Not many women are really aware about that journey. The symptoms usually are pretty different for every woman.

“The journey depends on a lot of factors: Genetic, stress, sexual factors, environmental factors which [determine the symptoms.] But most women, they usually have the symptoms that we have studied: hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, fatigue, daytime fatigue... [and] sleeplessness [which] are the symptoms that have not being much spoken about, but if you go into the kind of the study or if you go into the surveys, these are much being...complained about by woman.That's why we tried to go back to the consumers to understand...the issues that they are facing, and that's how we planned out our study.”

More info about Waleria's study can be found here.

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