MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed Extract Gets Fourth U.S. Patent


The patent (No. 8,075,929) covers the process by which the ingredient is produced.

Constellation Brands’ Polyphenolics division (Madera, CA) received a fourth U.S. patent in December for its MegaNatural-BP grape seed extract, which targets blood pressure and cardiovascular health. The patent (No. 8,075,929) covers the process by which the ingredient is produced.

MegaNatural-BP’s other patents address the ingredient’s lower molecular weight that makes the ingredient more easily absorbed by the body and able to reach the endothelium; its ability to lower blood pressure in pre-hypertensive subjects and/or those with metabolic syndrome; and its unique water extraction, purification, and enrichment of polyphenolic substances from whole grapes, grape seeds, and grape pomace.

“This [new] patent provides an additional marketing edge and competitive advantage to products developed with MegaNatural-BP, which has greater bioavailability and absorption compared to other grape seed extracts,” said Anil Shrikhande, PhD, president of Polyphenolics, in a press release. “Two placebo-controlled human clinical trials conducted by researchers at the Department of Preventive Cardiology, University California Davis School of Medicine, have found that MegaNatural-BP supports blood pressure within the normal range. No other grape seed extract can say the same, since MegaNatural-BP has a unique structure and composition.”

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