Mango Fruit for Blood Sugar and Inflammation?


New studies suggest a future for mango nutrition research.

Of the many abstracts presented at Experimental Biology 2013 in Boston last week, at least two targeted mango fruit (Mangifera indica). It appears the fruit may have an influence on both obesity markers and breast cancer cells.

Researchers led by Edralin Lucas, PhD, associate professor at Oklahoma State University, assigned 20 obese subjects to add 10 g of freeze-dried mango to their diets daily for 12 weeks. Compared to baseline, final measurements revealed no significant increases in body composition and a significant decrease in blood sugar concentrations. The results, says Lucas, complement those from a previous animal study in which rats on a high-fat diet with mango experienced improved blood sugar levels. It may be polyphenols in mango that are preventing an influence on body composition, since numerous studies on other polyphenol-rich plants have shown benefits to fat tissue.

An in vitro study, conducted by Texas researchers, found mango polyphenols to downregulate inflammatory responses in cancer and non-cancer breast cells.

Pleased with the findings of both studies, the National Mango Board says it hopes to see more research focusing on mango and these health topics.

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