Mag-nifique relaunched by Wixon as custom flavor modification portfolio


Wixon has relaunched Mag-nifique, positioning it as a portfolio of custom flavor modifiers. 


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Wixon (St. Francis, WI) has relaunched Mag-nifique, positioning it as a portfolio of custom flavor modifiers. The technology features six modification systems: Sweet Modifier Systems, Savory Modifier Systems, Bitter Modifier Systems, Functional Modifier Systems, Effects Modifier Systems, and Substitute Systems.

The Sweet Systems reduce sugar and mask off notes of alternative sweeteners, the Savory Systems aid in sodium reduction while maintaining a salty taste, the Bitter Systems reduce bitterness, and the Functional Systems mask off notes from protein and vitamins, for example. The Effects Systems can reduce astringency and add mouthfeel, and the Substitute Systems are designed to achieve salt and sugar reduction using proprietary technology KClean Salt and Sweet Advantage. All these formulations can now be labeled as “natural flavors.”

“Meeting consumer expectations can result in taste challenges in almost any food formula,” says Mel Mann, director of innovation for Wixon, in a press release. “Whether trying to reduce negatives or enhance positives, substituting for traditional ingredients may leave a taste gap that is noticeable by consumers. Mag-nifique taste modifiers can help bridge that gap. Since there’s no one magic ingredient that will solve all taste challenges, Mag-nifique was designed not as a single product but rather as a system, customizable to meet the unique needs of each food. With this system we can mask off-notes or bitterness, or enhance savory aspects, all in support of achieving spectacular flavor.” 

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