Lycored Unveils Dry Tomato Pulp Ingredient


Lycored says its new tomato ingredient is the “perfect replacement for tomato paste.”

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Lycored (Be’er Sheva, Israel) has introduced a new dry tomato pulp ingredient that it claims is a “perfect replacement for tomato paste.”

The new tomato ingredient is available in a soluble dry granule form and can be declared on food or beverage labels simply as tomato, says Lycored, because the ingredient is a “100% natural foodstuff ingredient from tomato.” The company also calls its new ingredient a “three-in-one ingredient solution” because it can be used to add color, texture, and fiber to a variety of product types.

“[The dry tomato pulp] adds a vibrant, authentic, and consistent red color to sauces (including pasta sauces), condiments, soups, ready meals, and processed meats with no risk of turning brown like some other colorants,” according to a press release. “It also provides an appealing texture and a high-fiber content–both soluble and insoluble-that can be declared on the label to enhance a product’s health credentials.”

The new tomato ingredient may also be an ideal clean-label replacement for thickeners such as starch, says Lycored. It is the latest addition to Lycored’s 100% Tomato Foodstuff ingredients portfolio, which will be on full display at the upcoming Food Ingredients Europe trade show (Paris, France).


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