Lonza Launches Vegetarian DHA Omega-3


Lonza's algae-derived DHAid line includes both oil and powdered products.

Lonza (Basel, Switzerland) has launched a vegetarian DHA omega-3 product line called DHAid, derived from algae. According to the company, the line offers advantages in stability and taste thanks to an “overall optimized fermentation process and improved productivity of the proprietary algal strain.”

The DHAid line includes two oil-based ingredients and one powdered ingredient. DHAid FNO-350 is a nutritional oil containing 350 mg DHA/g and is suited for food applications. The other oil ingredient, DHAid CL-400, is a clear oil offering 400 mg DHA/g and targets dietary supplements. Lonza says that both oil products are standardized with oleic sunflower oil to allow for a more precise calculation of the final DHA omgea-3 concentration in finished products.

The line’s powder ingredient is called DHAid Dry and is suited for applications in dry blends, such as nutrition beverages.

All ingredients are produced without the use of solvents. The company says that due to a controlled fermentation process, potential contaminants in marine sources, such as dioxins and heavy metals, are avoided.

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