Levagen+® for holistic health with Mariko Hill


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With an unprecedented global pandemic, changing political landscape, and increased work and family responsibilities, consumers are sleeping less and are more stressed-out than ever. Amongst all these responsibilities, the pandemic has highlighted the increasingly proactive need to manage health. As individuals do more to take care of their health with diet and exercise while juggling work-life balance, Gencor is on a mission to help consumers take back control of their lives and health with a clinically-researched ingredient Levagen®.

Levagen PEA is an all-in-one ingredient clinically-proven to support joint health, sports recovery, sleep, and stress. Levagen is self-affirmed GRAS and Informed-Ingredient Certified by LGC, ensuring every batch to be of the highest quality and absent of any WADA-prohibited substances. It's cold-water dispersibility (Levagen+®) also makes it an easy-to-formulate ingredient for functional foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

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