Kyowa Hakko Expands Setria Brand to Sports Nutrition with Launch of Setria Performance Blend


The patent-pending supplement is a combination of Kyowa Hakko’s own Setria glutathoine and L-citrulline that research shows effectively sustains nitric oxide levels.

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Kyowa Hakko (Tokyo) has launched its a new sports performance ingredient, Setria Performance Blend. The patent-pending ingredient is a combination of Kyowa Hakko’s own Setria glutathoine and L-citrulline, and is intended to help athletes maximize muscle output and achieve better strength-training results, while reducing fatigue and speeding muscle recovery.

L-citrulline, one of the key ingredients in the new Setria blend, is integral to metabolizing and regulating levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. It is frequently used in applications for heart health and sports nutrition. Nitric oxide is key to proper functioning of the body’s circulatory system and also helps remove ammonia and lactate, so keeping NO at optimal levels is key to achieving maximum workout performance. According to Kyowa Hakko, Setria Performance Blend’s proprietary combination of ingredients supports NO production and sustains NO levels in the bloodstream for twice as long as comparable doses of l-arginine or l-citrulline used alone. In addition, the Setria blend may help provide intracellular antioxidant support, benefit cellular detoxification, and support a healthy immune response.

The ingredient’s efficacy was demonstrated in a study sponsored by Kyowa Hakko and published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2015. Resistance-trained males were instructed to consume 200 mg of Setria and 2 g of L-citrulline daily for one week. Researchers found that the combination of Setria and L-citrulline enhanced NO levels at 30 minutes post-exercise. They suggested that glutathione supplementation may help to prevent the oxidative reaction of nitric oxide, thus helping to sustain levels of nitric oxide.

Dietary supplement companies interested in maximizing athletes’ workout experience and speeding muscle recovery are already incorporating Setria Performance Blend in their products. Last month, sports nutrition manufacturer MLABS/Max Muscle (Orange, CA) launched its new MLABS stimoVEX supplement formulated with Setria Performance Blend, plus beta-alanine (as the branded ingredient CarnoSyn), beet root powder, and other ingredients.

Phil Harvey, PhD, CSO of Max Muscle Inc. said in a press release: “We were so pleased to partner with Kyowa on this new and exciting product from MLAB called stimoVEX.  Driven by Kyowa’s Setria Performance Blend patent-pending mix of L-citrulline and glutathione, stimoVEX is a high stimulant and extreme pre-workout using only science-based and highest quality ingredients available.”

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