Kerry launches sodium reduction solution to its taste modulation portfolio


The company claims that it can help brands achieve sodium reductions of more than 60% in some applications.

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Kerry Group (Beloit, WI) has announced the launch of Tastesense Salt, which delivers a salty and rich savory taste without adding sodium. According to the company’s release, most countries exceed the global World Health Organization (WHO) benchmark of 500mg per 100 grams in potato-based chips, and 720 mg per 100 grams for pretzels. This means that there is a persistent challenge to reduce sodium by 40% or more without losing the salty flavor of their snacks. The company claims that it can help brands achieve sodium reductions of more than 60% in some applications.

Kerry explains that Tastesense Salt, which is available as a singular solution for salted crisp and as part of a more complex snack seasoning formulation, “is supported by strong fundamental science that links taste receptors with proprietary product chemistry, salt morphology, proteolysis and fermentation.” The company says that reducing sodium can be challenging because it plays a critical role in shaping the overall flavor of snack seasoning, and its absence can throw a sensory profile out of balance, negatively impacting the temporal sensation and perception of seasoning homogeneity. Balance is key.

According to Kerry, smaller reductions of up to 10% are not that difficult depending on where the starting point is. If the product has sodium as high as 700 mg, reducing it to 630 mg is not as difficult as reducing 500 mg of sodium to 450 mg of sodium.

“Salt reduction isn’t just an immediate brand imperative, it’s a humanity imperative and essential to creating a world of sustainable nutrition,” said Hugo Leclerq, global portfolio director for Taste Fermentation – Sodium Reduction, in a press release. “We are lowering sodium far beyond what anyone thought possible with our innovative Tastesense Salt solutions while maintaining delicious flavor. With these market-leading solutions, we hope to empower customers with the knowledge and capabilities to meet consumer demands for reduced sodium across the snacking category.”

Kerry’s Taste Modulation Portfolio also includes Tastesense Sweet, Tastesense Mouthfeel, Tastesense Masking, and Tastesense Sensations.

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