Kemin’s ZeaOne Zeaxanthin Gets FDA GRAS


According to Kemin, ZeaOne is the first dietary (3R,3’R) zeaxanthin ingredient derived from marigold flowers with an FDA-acknowledged GRAS notification.

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FDA has no objections to a GRAS notification for Kemin’s (Des Moines, IA) ZeaOne zeaxanthin ingredient, confirming that the ingredient is safe to use in functional foods and beverages. According to Kemin, ZeaOne is the first dietary (3R,3’R) zeaxanthin ingredient derived from marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta L.) with an FDA-acknowledged GRAS notification.

ZeaOne is more commonly sold and distributed on the market under the name OptiSharp by ingredients giant DSM Nutritional Products (Parsippany, NJ).

“With increasing regulatory scrutiny, this FDA GRAS notification assures our customers the safety and quality of our zeaxanthin brand,” said Anita Norian, president of the human nutrition and health division of Kemin, in a press release. “Much like we’ve done in the lutein marketplace with FloraGlo [lutein], we’re proud to help set the standard of safety in the dietary zeaxanthin market with ZeaOne.”

According to Kemin, more formulators are now beginning to “reformulate” eye-health supplements to contain 10 mg of lutein and 2 mg of zeaxanthin, a ratio shown in the National Eye Institute’s second Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS2) to support eye health.

“Another growing eye health concern is increasing levels of harmful blue light exposure from the proliferation of digital devices and LED lighting,” added Stacy Dill, worldwide marketing director, human nutrition and health, in the press release. “ZeaOne can help combat this health concern, as it is the only zeaxanthin brand supported by a patent showing how zeaxanthin filters blue light to help protect our eyes. Kemin’s blue light protection patent shows our continued commitment to innovation in the eye health industry.”


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