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A line of proprietary, aqueous sodium chlorite solutions, XCS-11 is designed to deliver a safe and targeted release of chlorine dioxide to support oral hygiene.

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Kemin Human Nutrition & Health (Des Moines, IA) has introduced the XCS-11 product line of oral health ingredients to its portfolio. The line is produced and sold by Bio-Cade International, which was acquired by Kemin in 2021, and now integrated into the business unit’s collection of whole-body solutions.

A line of proprietary, aqueous sodium chlorite solutions, the products are designed to deliver safe and targeted release of chlorine dioxide to support oral hygiene. The product can be delivered in two concentrations: 1) XCS-11, which can release 2% chlorine dioxide, and 2) XCS-11 Pro, which can release 5% chlorine dioxide. Typically, XCS-11 is diluted to a low target concentration and therefore has a low inclusion level in finished formulas. This makes XCS-11 a cost-effective solution for manufacturers that is easy to flavor and formulate into a variety of applications, including mouthwash and toothpaste. XCS-11 is also non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, vegan, and not tested on animals.

“We are pleased to introduce XCS-11, our line of gentle, yet effective, solutions that promote oral health and hygiene and refresh bad breath,” said Chris Sadewasser, global product manager, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, in a press release. “Our oral care ingredients provide quick, long-lasting effects by targeting the odorous volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.”

According to Kemin, the product neutralizes rather than masks bad breath which is caused by volatile sulfur compounds. XCS-11 has been validated in clinical studies where it was found to improve oral malodor scores, reduce the concentration of VCSs after a single rinse, hold off bad breath for over four hours1, as well as improve other oral health indicators, reducing plaque and tongue coating index, after two weeks of use.2

“Bad breath is a major concern for many people, and about 90% of odors in the mouth are derived from the oral cavity, including the back of the tongue,” said Sadewasser. “Tongue coating is a significant source of VSCs. XCS-11 directly reacts with VSCs to create non-odor-causing compounds, supporting a healthy oral environment and giving users a fresh, long-lasting, clean-mouth feeling.”


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