Kaneka Nutrients announces positive results of consumer research on its Ubiquinol ingredient for menopause symptoms


The study was carried out by the French research institute Expansion Consulteam in collaboration with Virginie Florin and Nathalie Simon, who are French lifestyle influencers.

Image courtesy of Kaneka Nutrients.

Image courtesy of Kaneka Nutrients.

Kaneka Nutrients Europe (Brussels, Belgium) has announced the results of their new European consumer research study which explored the effects of its Ubiquinol ingredient on menopause symptoms. The study was carried out by the French research institute Expansion Consulteam in collaboration with Virginie Florin and Nathalie Simon, who are French lifestyle influencers. The influencers helped recruit 200 women between the ages of 45 and 55 years via an Instagram live stream.

To be included in the study, the women had to be experiencing menopausal discomfort above a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Symptoms included emotional imbalance, impact on quality of life (stress, sleep), muscle aches and pains. Additionally, the women could not be on hormone treatment, non-drug therapy, or already taking a supplement for menopause.

Participants were then asked to take 200 mg per day of Kaneka Ubiquinol over two months, monitor the effects, and report back on these observations before, during and after the supplementation period. At baseline, the most frequently reported symptoms were poor skin quality (94%), sleep disturbances (90%), and stress/anxiety (85%). At the study’s completion, 8 out of 10 participants reported that Kaneka Ubiquinol was effective at alleviated menopause symptoms, with 80% reporting improvements in stress, irritability, and sensitivity. Eighty percent also reported improvements in mood and feeling “more emotionally stable” within 30 days of supplementation, and 70% reported improved sleep quality, less muscular pain, and improved well-being by the study’s end.

“Everyone with a menstrual cycle will go through menopause during their lifetime – and by 2025, it is estimated that there will be 1.1 billion postmenopausal women worldwide,” said Filip Van hulle, general manager of Kaneka Nutrients Europe, in a press release. “Once considered a taboo topic, consumers are now beginning to talk more openly about the effects of the menopause. And with 50% of women saying that their menopause symptoms have impacted their home life, it’s important that they have the solutions they need to live life to the full. These findings present an exciting new opportunity for brands to offer new solutions for women experiencing the menopause. Now, we look forward to collaborating with our partners to empower women throughout all stages of life.”

In explaining why the company chose to do a consumer research study instead of a clinical trial, Van hulle says to Nutritional Outlook: "In 2019, we conducted a clinical trial (Palacios et al.) which demonstrated that Kaneka Ubiquinol significantly improved the quality of life of postmenopausal women. Following this, we wanted to gain first-hand feedback from women who were experiencing menopause and post-menopausal symptoms. Organized by a third-party research institute, this research study allowed us to gain real insights into the positive impact Kaneka Ubiquinol can have on women experiencing the menopause, and this will be used to inform further clinical research on the topic."

The study's recruitment over social media also had a positive impact on consumer awareness says Van hulle, who was heartened by the enthusiasm of those interested in participating. "By connecting with two very popular French lifestyle influencers, we were able to provide their followers with insights into the benefits Kaneka Ubiquinol can offer them. And it worked - over 700 women applied to be part of this study within 48 hours, which we then drilled down to 200 after reviewing our inclusion criteria," explains Van hull. "It's great to see the appetite for solutions that address menopause symptoms and this response suggests there is an urgent market need for innovation here. We are already seeing the effects that this study has had on consumer awareness too - over 53,000 people have viewed the Instagram live video, and many of those viewers asked where they could buy Ubiquinol from."

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