Innophos launches clean-label alternative to sodium aluminum phosphate for baked goods


The new Levair Select ingredient is made from calcium.

Photo © Pyzhova

Photo © Pyzhova

Innophos (Cranbury, NJ), a supplier of leavening agents for the bakery industry, has launched a new ingredient in its Levair baking portfolio that offers an alternative to traditional sodium aluminum phosphate (SALP). The new Levair Select ingredient is calcium based, and non-aluminum based, giving the bakery industry a cleaner-label alternative to SALP, the firm says.

Levair Select provides notable performance benefits, including “slow, consistent, heat-reactive leavening.” It can also extend shelf life and maintain product volume and texture using fewer chemical preservatives as well as reduce waste, improve stability, and improve volume and texture in high-protein baked goods, the firm says.

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