Ingestible Skincare for Men Is a Growing Market, New Consumer Research Suggests


The survey found that men were significantly more open to the idea of ingestible skincare than women.

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According to a new consumer survey conducted by lycopene ingredients specialist Lycored (Secaucus, NJ), men are a promising market for beauty-from-within products. The company surveyed 480 male and female consumers in the UK and France about their attitudes toward skincare, health, and appearance, and found that men were significantly more open to the idea of ingestible skincare than women. In fact, 74% of the men surveyed said that they believed taking a supplement for skincare was normal, compared with only 58% of women.

Although women have historically been the target market for skincare products, there are a few possible explanations as to why men are increasingly interested in the health of their skin, and why they may be more receptive to the idea of a skincare supplement than a topical product. Zev Ziegler, head of global brand and marketing, health, Lycored, told Nutritional Outlook that “cultural assumptions about skincare have changed a lot, but not to the point where expectations about men and women are exactly the same. So, while it’s now the norm for men to care about the health of their skin, they’re generally not expected to devote as much time to it as women.” Per the survey, 37% of men reported wanting to spend less time on their skincare regimens, compared with 28% of women.

He continued: “There are also various cultural pressures on men to take a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach to things, which might explain why many of them like the idea of taking a pill or a supplement to meet their skincare needs.”

Age is also an important factor in how receptive consumers are to the concept of beauty-from-within. Ziegler said that the younger consumers are, the more likely they are to have taken a pill or supplement for skin health. And while younger men and women are both more interested in the concept of ingestible skincare than older consumers, younger men are particularly receptive to the message, he said.

Younger consumers also believe that looking good is actually more important for men than women, Ziegler added. In fact, 22% of those surveyed between the ages of 18-35 held this opinion, compared to an average of 8% overall.

One other notable finding from the survey was that men are no less likely than women to spend more money on quality skincare products-26% of the men and women surveyed said that they would be willing to spend more than $28 per month on skincare.

“When you consider that young men are one of the groups most open to ingestible skincare, it’s clear that there are huge opportunities for pills and supplements that meet men’s skincare needs,” Ziegler said. “We’re increasingly seeing products that target men’s health generally, and the addition of ingredients that benefit skincare, such as lycopene, could increase consumer appeal significantly.”

In the press statement, Lycored noted that it will be showcasing its Lycoderm carotenoid blend for skincare supplements at VitaFoods Europe, which will take place this year in Palexpo, Geneva from May 15-17.



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