Indena partners with Onegevity to develop innovative approaches for preventative health


Indena has partnered with Onegevity, an artificial intelligence platform for personalized nutrition, to further expand its commitment to innovative approaches for preventative health.

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Indena (Milan, Italy) has partnered with Onegevity (New York City, NY) to further expand its commitment to innovative approaches for preventative health. Onegevity Health Intelligence uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to map, integrate, and understand the dynamic biological features that describe the state of a person’s health. The platform distills complex health data such as microbiome, genetics, and blood biomarkers into actionable information on how to optimize health and wellness.

“We are proud to cooperate with Onegevity, which represents an absolute innovation for consumers’ health,” says Daniele Giavini, managing director of Indena, in a press release. “Our project with Onegevity is perfectly in line with Indena's approach and with our continuous focus on research and development of highly effective solutions that are synergistic to the Onegevity wellness plan. The collaboration will allow us to process certain botanical ingredients out of Indena’s portfolio through the Onegevity AI platform, with the aim of discovering novel potential indications, and beneficial effects for new or known botanical ingredients, as applicable to the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical market. This project fits very well to our credo ‘Science is our Nature.’”

“One of our partnership goals is to identify effective strategies to reduce the biological age vs. the chronological age of individuals by offering actionable solutions,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO of Onegevity, in a press release. “We’ve had a long history working with Indena and have found them to be the premier partner for developing plant-based health products and a strong commitment to research. We expect to gain many insights from this compound screening cooperation project to improve personalized solutions for people worldwide.”

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