Indena Markets Cranberry Extract in Asia


The company enters Asia markets with Pharmatoka's Gikacran cranberry juice extract.

Indena (Milan, Italy) has entered a commercial agreement with Pharmatoka (Rueil Malmaison, France) to produce Pharmatoka’s Gikacran cranberry juice extract for Asia markets. First up will be Japan, South Korea, China, India, and Russia.

Gikacran is an extract of Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait., standardized for proanthocyanidin (PAC), the primary compound linked to cranberry’s support on urinary health. The companies say 200 mg of Gikacran is equivalent to the amount of PACs found in 40 g of fresh cranberries.

Gikacran is most popularly marketed around the world under the Urell and Ellura brand names. The ingredient is backed by several published studies, and five additional studies are ongoing.

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