Howtian introduces SoPure Andromeda to its range of proprietary stevia blends


The blends are specifically designed for beverage applications.

Photo © Eversley

Photo © Eversley

Howtian has introduced SoPure Andromeda to its range of SoPure proprietary stevia blends, which are uniquely designed for a wide variety of beverage applications. According to Howtian, its Andromeda blends have been shown to surpass the performance of conventional Reb A stevia extracts, and that the unique blends of steviol glycosides can deliver superior overall taste while also being cost-effective, even in beverages trying to achieve high levels of sugar reduction and replacement.

Citing research from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Howtian explains that sugar-sweetened beverages are the leading source of added sugars. “This places the beverage category squarely as a target for sugar reduction initiatives and regulatory actions like sugar taxes. In addition, rapidly rising sugar prices paired with declining global production of sugar have pressured beverage manufacturers to seek more cost-effective sweetening solutions,” said Tom Fuzer, Howtian’s vice president of market strategy. Unfortunately, sugar can be difficult to replace and replicate when using alternative sweeteners due to potential aftertaste and impacts on mouthfeel, for example.

According to Howtian, SoPure Andromeda blends have been tailored to have a faster onset of sweetness with minimal after-taste, enhance fresh fruit flavor, neutralize bitterness and metallic off-notes, and is clean label, meaning it is 100% natural and plant-based. In addition, the company states, SoPure Andromeda can provide upwards of a 64% cost savings on sweetener components when compared to traditional sugar.

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