HORN Supplies Science-Backed Cinnamon Extract


MealShape is backed by human clinical trials showing post-prandial blood sugar control.

As cinnamon extracts show potential to control blood sugar, HORN (La Mirada, CA) is securing North American distribution rights for a science-backed cinnamon extract.

Developed by Dialpha (Montferrier-sur-Lez, France), MealShape is a standardized Ceylon cinnamon extract from Madagascar. The ingredient developer has already performed studies on this cinnamon, which have found blood sugar benefits for both animals and humans. The cinnamon extract reportedly delays digestion and absorption of carbohydrates after a starchy meal, thereby preventing sugar crashes and insulin spikes. The companies say that by this action the cinnamon extract allows the body to convert food into energy instead of stored fat. Trials with MealShape have shown blood sugar reductions as great as 20%, and without insulin spikes, immediately following a meal. The ingredient is currently suitable for dietary supplements and functional foods.

MealShape is a “true cinnamon” extract, meaning that it is sourced from Cinnamomum verum and not a cheaper alternative from the same cinnamon family. Because of its cinnamon source, HORN emphasizes that its product is also low in coumarin, a toxin present in various cinnamon substitutes.

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