Health Canada grants additional Nutrameltz oral-melt supplements Natural Product Numbers


Nutrameltz now has 45 NPNs from Health Canada for its formulas.

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Nutrameltz (Mississauga, ON, Canada), the developer of oral-melt dietary supplements, has gained 10 more Natural Product Numbers (NPNs) from Health Canada, authorizing sale in the country.

The 10 Nutrameltz products to recently gain NPNs include: 1) vitamin E (200 IU), 2) resveratrol (100 mg), 3) acerola vitamin C (50 mg), 4) glutathione (125 mg), 5) ginger (20 mg), 6) phosphate B complex, 7) vitamin D (2500 IU), 8) carbonyl iron (28 mg), 9) melatonin 5 mg plus magnesium 50 mg, and 10) a prenatal multivitamin.

“The issuance of Health Canada’s prestigious NPNs demonstrates quality, safety, and efficacy for Canadian consumers, who know that the product has been reviewed extensively and has passed rigorous testing,” said Suresh Kolla, the company’s CEO, in a press release. “As Nutrameltz is a new supplement technology, Health Canada’s NPN numbers provide a ‘seal of approval’ for those consumers who are willing to try this delivery system for the first time.”

The company’s press release adds, “After six years of development, Nutrameltz is a technology that can be enjoyed by those who are pill averse or who are pill weary. The technology allows the company to effectively incorporate up to 250 mg of actives in one melt, which is more than can be delivered via a typical gummy…Nutrameltz delivers the actives into the mouth through buccal absorption and provides a bonus experience to savor natural flavors.”

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