Health Canada Approves TerraVia’s Algae Protein for Food


TerraVia's AlgaVia algae portfolio is now approved for food use across North America, the company says.

Photo from TerraVia

Algae-ingredients firm TerraVia (San Francisco) reports that Health Canada has approved the company’s Whole Algal Protein ingredient for use in foods. Whole Algal Protein is a whole-food, plant-based protein source. The company also supplies AlgaVia Lipid-Rich Whole Algae, which is a lipid powder designed to be a healthier fat source and a replacer of dairy fats, oil, and egg yolk.

Following the Health Canada approval, TerraVia announced that “with this approval, TerraVia has successfully achieved regulatory approval for its portfolio of AlgaVia whole-algae ingredients, including AlgaVia Whole Algal Protein and AlgaVia Whole Algal Flour, for food use across North America.” The ingredients already hold GRAS status in the U.S, and the AlgaVia Lipid-Rich Whole Algae was already approved in Canada.

Mark Brooks, TerraVia’s senior vice president, food and ingredients, added that the Health Canada approval “provides new opportunities for customers across Canada, Mexico, and the United States to respond to consumer demand for food and beverages containing plant-based protein.”


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