Global opportunity for stress-management products, according to Euromonitor International


A consumer trends survey published by Euromonitor International shows that a majority of consumers are concerned about their mental well-being, and looking for product to help them manage stress. 


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A recently released consumer survey from Euromonitor International shows that consumers largely associate their overall health with mental well-being. Consumer are exposed to stress and anxiety from multiple fronts on a daily basis, from work, social media, or news, and are actively seeking ways to find work-life balance, manage stress, and improve their sleep habits.

In the United States, for example, the stress is typically not debilitating, but it’s still enough for people to take action to manage stress. According to the survey, 40% of American respondents reported currently experiencing stress and anxiety. About 15% of these respondents said the stress they were experiencing was at high or extreme levels, however, over 70% of Americans reported that the stress and anxiety they experienced was having a severe impact on their lives. Around 30% of American respondents claim to actively treat their stress and anxiety.

A similar pattern is found throughout the world, where even where stress and anxiety are reported by fewer people, the majority find that it has a moderate to severe impact on their lives. This means that while there is certainly opportunity to market stress management products in regions with higher stress, other markets should not be overlooked because consumers that are seeking these products may be willing to spend more money and try new products.

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