Glanbia's Gluten-Free Oats Arrive in U.S.


OatPure gluten-free oats are now available across North America after first launching in Europe in 2014.

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As gluten-free positioning continues to be a driving force in new product launches, Glanbia Nutritionals (Fitchburg, WI) is now making its OatPure gluten-free oats available in North America. The oats are guaranteed to contain fewer that 10 parts per million (ppm) gluten, thanks to Glanbia's NSF-certified closed-loop supply chain, according to the company.

OatPure oats were first introduced in Europe in November 2014, but this marks their debut on the U.S. market. To ensure consistency, OatPure oats are sourced from a single oat variety, the barra seed, before being processed at Glanbia's oat-only milling facility in Portlaoise, Ireland.

"We're excited to introduce OatPure gluten-free oats to the U.S. market, enabling us to expand and complement our specialty grain and gluten-free ingredient portfolios," says Danielle Black, product manager, Glanbia Nutritionals. "Our rigorous, carefully monitored OatSecure closed-loop supply chain enables Glanbia agronomists to follow the crop at every step of the production process, through growing, harvesting, processing, and storage. This absolute control is critical to consistently deliver a guaranteed gluten-free oat with full traceability and integrity so manufacturers can have complete confidence in the quality and safety of Glanbia's OatPure gluten-free oats. Plus, with great application versatility and superior taste and nutrition, OatPure oats offer huge market potential."

Glanbia's OatPure oats are suitable for a range of applications, including bars, cookies, breads, and cereals.


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