Gelita’s Verisol collagen peptides gain skin-elasticity health claim for food in Japan


The company calls the new health claim a milestone for the Japan market.

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Gelatin and collagen ingredients supplier Gelita (Eberbach, Germany) says its Verisol collagen peptides have earned a new health claim in Japan for promoting skin elasticity. The health claim is a Foods with Function Claim (FFC), allowing marketers to make a skin-elasticity-supporting claim on food labels in Japan.

“In Japan, collagen peptides are already well known as a ‘beauty from within’ ingredient,” explained Koji Tanabe, general manager, Gelita Japan, in a press release. “However, the granting of this health claim is a very important milestone for the market. Manufacturers can directly show consumers the proven health benefits of Verisol collagen peptides on their food labels. On top of that, the recommended daily dose of 2.5 g per day, and good technological properties, are also attracting new business developments with Verisol in Japan.”

The health claim allows food and beverage manufacturers to apply to use the claim on packaging that “This product contains Verisol collagen peptides. Verisol is reported to maintain skin elasticity and supports skin health.”

According to the press release, Verisol collagen peptides “stimulate the fibroblasts in the dermis, which substantially increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans—all of which are essential for skin elasticity. As a result, the epidermis is supported from beneath, and skin sagging is prevented.”

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