Gat Foods to install pilot lab to assess integration of Fruitlift into large-scale cereal production


Fruitlift is a real-fruit based sweetening solution designed to replace refined sugar in RTE cereals. 


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Gat Foods (Givat Haim, Israel), producer of Fruitlift, a real-fruit based sweetening solution designed to replace refined sugar in RTE cereals, will be installing a lab-scale extrusion plant to integrate Fruitlift into a variety of cereal applications. This will allow the firm to assess its integration into large-scale cereal production processes. The pilot plant replicates a large industrial production belt on a smaller lab scale, and the extrusion plant machinery was designed after researching several models assessing the specifications required to fit Fruitlift into the unique production flows of cereal manufacturers.

“Since its launch two months ago, Fruitlift has inspired enthusiastic interest from food companies globally,” said Michal Katzir Emek, international marketing director for Gat Foods, in a press release. “We decided to install a full-scale pilot lab to give us more complete expertise and flexibility to better collaborate with our clients throughout the entire product development cycle, from concept through trials, to final product. We anticipate this will further our application of the Fruitlift solution into additional food formulations.”

An all-natural, liquid-based ingredient, Fruitlift is made up of 90% fruit components and designed to be injected into the flour mix of puffed cereals. It delivers a mild sweetness, with or without a fruity flavor in a range of fruits to choose from to provide a tailor-made solution.

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