French Oak Extract May Help Liver Recover from Alcohol Consumption


Horphag Research’s Robuvit was found to improve several markers of liver function in patients with moderate functional hepatic failure due to alcohol.

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Horphag Research (Hoboken, NJ) has shared new study results suggesting Robuvit, its French oak-wood (Quercus robur) extract, may help support healthy liver function in people with moderate liver damage due to alcohol consumption. The open-label, registry study suggested that Robuvit supplementation helped boost liver function “for faster recovery from temporary damage and symptoms related to alcohol consumption,” Horphag Research reports.

Writing in Minerva Gastroenterologica E Dietologica, researchers studied 44 participants aged 45–61 with moderate functional hepatic failure (MTHF) due to alcohol. For 12 weeks, participants consumed either 300 mg/day of Robuvit or a placebo. At baseline, six weeks after beginning supplementation, and 12 weeks after beginning supplementation, participant blood levels were measured to assess liver function. Researchers also recorded other symptoms reported by the participants, including fatigue and nausea.

After twelve weeks of supplementation, the Robuvit group showed significantly improved liver enzyme levels, decreased inflammation, and reduced plasma free radicals, compared to the control group. Researchers concluded that the results indicate “a significant protective activity of the supplementation with Robuvit, associated with a very good safety profile, in patients with temporary alcoholic hepatic failure.”

“When we consume alcohol, the temporary overload may exceed the liver’s capacity to process and deplete, manifesting with typical ‘hangover’ effects of nausea and sluggishness while our body recuperates,” said Fred Pescatore, MD, nutraceutical consultant for Horphag Research. “This research shows that Robuvit helps protect the liver from alcohol-related damage and gets our body back to work for more efficient removal of toxins that are affecting us.”

On top of the findings from blood-serum analysis, study participants also reported significant improvements to feelings of tiredness (74% for Robuvit versus 38% for control) and fatigue (78% for Robuvit versus 57% for control), as well as reduced nausea related to alcohol intoxication (69.6% for Robuvit versus 52.3% for control). Pescatore noted that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits of Robuvit appeared to be what mediated its apparent hepatoprotective effect.”

“The ability of Robuvit to help manage hepatic damage is a significant finding,” Pescatore said. “Robuvit may be a valuable supplement to help counter due to alcohol or medications, and help return our liver function to optimal levels. Those who are seeking natural ways to detox or to protect or support their liver function and lymphatic system, should look to add this ingredient to their daily diet.”


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