First Vitamin K2 Medical Food


NattoPharma's crystals find their way into a medical food.

NattoPharma (Oslo, Norway) reports that its MenaQ7 vitamin K2 crystals are part of a first-ever vitamin K2 medical food. The product, called Fosteum PLUS, is available from Primus Pharmaceuticals.

Vitamin K2 is increasingly used in dietary supplements and functional foods aimed at bone health. The ingredient appears to activate a protein called osteocalcin, which helps deliver calcium from the blood to the bones. At this point in time, vitamin K2 remains less popular than other bone ingredients such as vitamin D and calcium, but penetration into the highly regulated medical foods market can improve the standing of vitamin K2.

Fosteum PLUS is formulated with several bone health nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D, phosphate, and a high-purity version of the MenaQ7 crystals. The product is intended for managing issues of osteopenia and osteoporosis, and it is available only through a physician’s prescription.

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