First Human Study on Krill Powder


Aker BioMarine's krill powder appears as useful as krill oil.

Krill oil supplier Aker BioMarine ASA (Oslo, Norway) is eager to promote the findings of a study on Superba krill powder. In what appears to be the first-ever study on krill powder in humans, the Superba product improved omega-3 blood levels while lowering levels of anandamide-a lipid-signaling molecule that tends to be hyperactive in obese humans and animals.

For 24 weeks, 11 obese men consumed 4 g of krill powder daily in capsule form. At 12 and 24 weeks, omega-3 DHA and EPA levels improved and triglycerides dropped more than 20% below baseline measurements. Levels of anandamide decreased by 59% and 84%, respectively. The results from krill powder appear to complement much of the existing research on krill oil in humans and animals.

Krill powder is currently uncommon to the krill ingredients market-although Olympic Seafood AS (FosnavÃ¥g, Norway) is another supplier of krill powder-but it could hold some formulating advantages over the traditional oil. So far, Aker says its free-flowing krill powder contains oil and proteins, and can be incorporated into capsules and tablets. There’s likely more under wraps, as the company is still in the development phase of this product.

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