Fertility Supplement Plus Cellphone App Is Industry First


Fruitful Way Ltd. plans to enhance the success of their fertility supplements with a corresponding iPhone app.

From reminders to pay your bills on time to GPS maps of just about anywhere, cell phone apps have supplied us with thousands of ways to streamline our lives. But trying to get pregnant? Now there’s an app, and a supplement, for that. Although fertility apps exist already, Fruitful Way Ltd. is the first to create an app that corresponds directly with a specific supplement.

On January 8, Fruitful Way rolled out its new Fruitful Fertility Toolkit, which combines fertility supplements for both men and women with an app to optimize the process of trying to conceive. According to Udi Alroy, CEO and founder of Fruitful Way, this toolkit is the first of its kind on the fertility market.

“We anticipate that the next wave of consumers will come through mobile and personalized applications,” said Alroy. “It will be a natural step to pair supplements into the daily tasks provided automatically in accordance with your lifestyle.”

Fruitful’s app helps couples choose the right dosage of supplements based on personal and lifestyle factors, provides daily reminders to take the supplements, and creates weekly status reports on the status of supplementation. The app also tracks the fertility window and sends reminders to both man and woman on the best days to conceive.

The supplement side of the toolkit is actually made up of three separate formulas, all of which come in soft gels. Fruitful for Her contains vitamins E, A, D, B6, and B12, as well as folic acid, iron, iodine, selenium, and n-acetyl cysteine, and is designed to boost female fertility. Fruitful for Him is intended to improve male fertility with a mix of vitamin E, L-carinitine, selenium, and zinc to increase sperm number, sperm motility, and sperm morphology.  

The third supplement, Fruitful for Couple, is an omega-3 formula designed to maintain nerve and immune health in women, immune health and sperm production in men, and embryonic development of the brain, eyes, and immune system of the baby. According to Alroy, Fruitful for Couple also plays a role as an anti-inflammation agent for both men and women.

If Fruitful’s pairing of mobile technology and nutritional supplements proves successful, this may be a combination we will see more often in the industry.

Fruitful App is currently available in the Apple App Store.


Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook magazine


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