Expo West/Engredea 2013 Review: EPAX Offers New Specifications for Fish Oil


The company now provides specifications for numerous manufacturing toxins and a lesser-known omega-3 fatty acid.

EPAX AS (Oslo, Norway) is making available a variety of new specifications relating to potential processing toxins and nutritional values for its fish oil concentrates.

Under the company’s new standards, brominated flame retardants, dioxins, and furans will be measured for all batches of processed fish oil.

“To have a pure product is very important for consumer safety, and we take this very seriously,” said Gunilla Traberg, EPAX head of marketing. “We continue to review our max limits for these and other compounds because we want to continue to beat our own limits. You have established maximum standards that may be regulated in the United States by the GOED Voluntary Monograph or in Europe by the European Pharmacopeia. We make sure to fall below these standards and also beat our own max limits when it comes to true values that we produce. We added these new values into our specifications as a service to our customers or because these specifications will show up in the regulations in the future.”

EPAX is also now measuring for levels of the lesser omega-3 fatty acid docosapentaenoic acid (DPA).

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