Expo West Sneak Peak: Digestive Enzyme Presentations


Deerland gives you the scoop on digestive enzymes for today's consumer.

Want to hone your understanding of the role digestive enzymes can play in human health and dietary supplements? Deerland Enzymes will host three free-to-attend presentations on digestive enzymes at Engredea 2013: protein digestion, prebiotics, and food intolerances. Here’s a little more detail on each:

  • Protein Digestion: Find out how to maximize the benefits of protein nutrition products by making sure protein is actually broken down and absorbed by the body, without stomach discomfort.

  • Prebiotics: Learn how a unique prebiotic that isn’t fiber or starch-based addresses the drawbacks of the typical prebiotics on the market today, and in significantly smaller doses (milligrams!) without stomach upset.

  • Food Intolerances: We’ll share the newest innovations on addressing the most common food intolerances: dairy and gluten. Find out how to take food intolerance supplement formulations to the next level.


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