Expo East Review: Gluten-Free Probiotic Beverages


GoodBelly now uses gluten-free oat flour for some of its probiotic drinks.

At this year’s Natural Products Expo East trade show, probiotic juice maker GoodBelly showcased new, gluten-free versions of its signature probiotic juice for digestive health.

GoodBelly drinks are made with live cultures of LP299V, a probiotic that lives on oat flour. Oats do run the risk of gluten-contamination (unless they are certified gluten-free oats), but the other feature that made GoodBelly drinks non-gluten-free was the addition of a small amount of barley, used to assist the oat flour culturing process.

The company now has four gluten-free drinks in entirely new flavors-tropical orange, pink grape fruit, coconut water, and carrot and ginger-and they are made with certified gluten-free oats and without the added barley. The carrot and ginger variety, GoodBelly’s first vegetable-based product, might even better sooth digestion because of the ginger.

Each gluten-free probiotic juice is certified gluten-free by NSF International.

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