Expo East Review: Cocoa Capsules


CocoaVia makes cocoa flavanols available in capsule format.

It was only a matter of time before CocoaVia, the developer of cocoa flavanol stickpacks, decided to put cocoa flavanols in a convenience capsule format. The company introduced its CocoaVia capsules at the Natural Products Expo East trade show held in Baltimore last month.

Cocoa flavanols are antioxidant-like compounds that are found naturally in cacao beans. Research so far suggests that these flavanols support healthy blood circulation, which can support human health in multiple ways. But processing steps involved in chocolate production often degrade the content of flavanols found in cacao beans.

CocoaVia preserves cocoa flavanols through a proprietary CocoaPro process. The resulting product guarantees 250 mg of flavanols in a single serving, and the company says the CocoaPro extract offers the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols in any dietary supplement.

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