PEA vs CBD - Levagen+


Cannabis contains over 500 distinct compounds, which include cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids and omega fatty acids. CBD has shown to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic activity and neuroprotective properties.However, in the current state of the industry, CBD brings an inherent risk to a manufacturer. Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is an alternative clinically validated way to mediate the same key set of receptors. PEA is synthesized and metabolized in animal cells via a number of enzymes and exerts a multitude of physiological functions related to metabolic homeostasis. The multifaceted effects of PEA via multiple targets and the fact that PEA is a naturally occurring compound makes it a perfect candidate as an important regulator of inflammatory conditions and mediator of interactions between the nervous system, and immune system to boost the overall immunity. Research on PEA has been conducted for more than 50 years, and over 350 papers are referenced in PubMed describing the physiological properties of this endogenous modulator and its pharmacological and therapeutical profile. The administration of exogenous PEA can replenish endogenous levels and restore its anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulatory potential.

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