EuroPharma's New Slim VX1 Weight-Management Supplement Inspired by Proprietary Fiber


EuroPharma's Terry Naturally Slim-VX1 formulation is based on a unique fiber that’s already been successful in the European weight-management market for several years.

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At March’s Natural Products Expo West trade show, herbal supplements brand EuroPharma promoted its recently launched weight-management dietary supplement, Terry Naturally Slim-VX1. Cheryl Myers, chief of scientific affairs and education, explained that the Slim-VX1 formulation is based on a unique fiber that’s already been successful in the European weight-management market for several years.

Without going into specifics, Myers said that the fiber is a soluble plant fiber from the same family as the mushroom family. According to EuroPharma, it has been clinically shown to reduce food cravings, enhance satiety, support healthy blood sugar and A1C levels, boost metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, and lower body mass index (BMI).

“The fiber does a couple of different things,” Myers said. “If you take it before a meal, it helps slow down how quickly you digest some of your food, so you have a more modulated insulin response. It also stays in your stomach a little bit longer,” providing satiety benefits.

She said the fiber also absorbs fat. “All fibers absorb fat, but this is particularly good at it,” Myers said. “So it helps to absorb some of the fat from your food. It’s not a fat blocker, but it does reduce, by like 30%–40%, the fatty content so it gets carried out of the body.” She said it’s the same concept as eating a salad before eating ice cream: “You’ll absorb a little less of the fat because of all of the healthy fibers [ingested from the salad]. So this is just a more concentrated version of that.”

EuroPharma says that in a three-month human clinical study with no dietary restrictions, subjects who took the proprietary fiber lost up to seven times the weight as those in the placebo group and saw lower BMI, body fat, visceral fat, and waist/hip/upper abdominal circumference, plus balanced A1C levels, indicating blood sugar health.

EuroPharma’s Slim-VX1 supplement contains this proprietary fiber as well as ginger and a French grape seed extract (called VX1), both ingredients said to support healthy metabolism. “Grape seed extract also plays a role in hormonal balancing, which can influence weight loss and weight gain,” Myers said.

She emphasized that the Terry Naturally brand is not marketing this as a “magic” weight-loss pill. “We’re not really known as a 30-pounds-in-30-days weight-loss company, but you have to acknowledge that being overweight is taking a huge toll on the health of America,” she says. The company hopes that consumers will find success with this product, as European consumers have.


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