Euromed’s Pomanox pomegranate extract helps reduce food intake, boosts satiety, in study


Supplementation with Pomanox pomegranate extract reduced the desire to eat compared to placebo.

Photo © sergign

Photo © sergign

Euromed (Mollet del Vallès, Spain) announced a recent study1 showing that its Pomanox pomegranate extract ingredient may help reduce food intake and boost satiety. The study was conducted at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Euromed supplied the Pomanox supplements for the independent study.

In the three-week randomized, placebo-controlled trial, 28 male and female subjects between the ages of 18 and 65 were either given a placebo or an oral supplement of Euromed’s Pomanox containing 210 mg of punicalagin and 328 mg of total polyphenols. In the third week, satiety parameters were measured after both groups of participants consumed breakfast and lunch, which included a serving of pomegranate juice.

Using visual acuity scales (VAS) to record subjective sensations, the researchers measured participants’ hunger, desire to eat, fullness, and satisfaction levels. The researchers found that those taking the Pomanox extract experienced greater satisfaction and feelings of fullness compared to the placebo subjects. They concluded: “These findings suggest that consumption of [Pomanox] could have the potential to modulate satiety indicators.”

Euromed’s press release added, “Interestingly, the consumption of pomegranate extract was associated with a significantly lower amount of food intake during the satiety session compared with the placebo group.”

In the press release, Euromed’s scientific marketing manager, Andrea Zangara, added, “We are very pleased to see these promising results, as they further support the efficacy and safety of Pomanox, expanding its numerous evidence-based health applications to include weight management and behavioral support.”


  1. Stockton A et al. “Effect of pomegranate extract consumption on satiety parameters in healthy volunteers: A preliminary randomized study.Foods, vol. 11, no. 17 (August 31, 2022): 2639
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