Essential Formulas Inc. Launches Chia-Based Omega-3 Range

Chia Omega line boasts vegan and vegetarian formulations.

Essential Formulas Inc. (EFI) (Dallas, TX) has launched a range of chia-based omega-3 products tabbed for the heart/brain health category.

The fish oil-alternative Chia Omega line is comprised of four, vegan encapsulated products:  Chia Omega + CoQ10, Chia Omega + Vitamin D3 (vegetarian, not vegan), Chia Omega + Enzymes, and Chia Omega + EPA & DHA.

According to EFI, chia seeds “offer more ALA Omega-3 than fish oil or flax seed oil and are considered to be one of the planet’s richest and most sustainable sources of this essential fatty acid.”