EPI Ingredients will debut organic yogurt powder and a calcium caseinate for flexible high-protein bars at FIE show


The company will introduce the new ingredients at the Food Ingredients Europe trade show Paris in December.

Photo © AdobeStock.com/murziknata

Photo © AdobeStock.com/murziknata

EPI Ingredients (Ancenis-Saint-Géréon, France) the dry-ingredients division of French dairy cooperative Laïta, will introduce an organic yogurt powder and a calcium caseinate ingredient for better-textured high-protein bars at the Food Ingredients Europe trade show. The show will take place in Paris in December.

According to the company, its new organic yogurt powder is organic certified. The organic fermented powder retains a natural yogurt taste. The company makes a yogurt and then dries it, “unlike a more acidic milk powder.” The powder can be used in ice cream, beverages, and bakery items, and in products for infant and adult nutrition.

The second innovation is an extruded calcium caseinate powder designed to add casein content to high-protein bars. The ingredient achieves bars “that are more flexible, less crumbly, and with a longer shelf life, preventing the hardening process,” the firm says.

The company’s calcium caseinate is produced by extrusion to optimize particle size, compared to most competitors which the firm says use spray-drying technology. “The powders produced by extrusion have a compact structure, irregularly shaped particles, and very little air entrapment,” it says.

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