EPA-Rich Omega-3 Algae Ingredients


BioProcess Algae LLC has announced a partnership that will enable a market for EPA-rich algal oils.

BioProcess Algae LLC (Portsmouth, RI) is partnering with KD-Pharma Bexbach GmbH (Bexbach, Germany) to supply EPA-rich algae ingredients for nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.

In recent years, algae has emerged as a vegetarian and vegan source for omega-3 fatty acids, but commercial algae ingredients are largely restricted to high concentrations of DHA only. Many fish oils carry a market advantage with naturally high amounts of both DHA and EPA fatty acids.

“Bioseutica is committed to identifying the highest quality and most sustainable sources for our natural ingredients,” said Peter Lembke, vice president of Bioseutica, which owns KD-Pharma. “From the beginning of our relationship, it was clear that BioProcess Algae shared our commitment to the environment without compromising product quality. Securing access to their algae oil will enable us to offer a unique, sustainable vegetable-based EPA-rich product that cannot be found in the marketplace today.”

BioProcess Algae will use KD-Pharma’s “KD-pur” supercritical fluid technology to refine its algae oils into market-ready ingredients. The companies confirm that this does not require toxic solvents and does not produce toxic impurities.

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