Enzymotec Launches New, “Highly Concentrated” Krill Oil Product


The company says that its new K-Real Gold krill oil features greater levels of highly concentrated omega-3s and astaxanthin and is free of TMAO and TMA.

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Enzymotec Ltd. (Migdal HaEmeq, Israel), a company that specializes in lipid-based products, has launched its new, “next generation” krill oil product, K-Real Gold. The company says that its newest krill oil features greater levels of highly concentrated omega-3s and astaxanthin and extremely high purity.

K-Real Gold’s purity and quality are purportedly owed to Enzymotec’s proprietary Multi-Stage Extraction (MSO) 2.0 technology-a process first launched in 2016. As with the company’s other krill oil offerings-a product line that includes an improved version of the company’s K-Real krill announced only earlier this year-the new K-Real Gold is notable for its low levels of trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) and trimethylamine (TMA), says the company.

TMA is the molecule responsible for the fishy odor sometimes found in krill oil products, and TMAO is a compound found in some marine products that has been linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. According to Itay Shafat, senior scientist, nutrition R&D, Enzymotec, K-Real Gold is the company’s highest-quality krill oil product to date and contains levels of TMA and TMAO so low that “they cannot be measured through the standard detection method.” He told Nutritional Outlook that K-Real Gold guarantees this in the product’s certificate of analysis, and that, while other manufacturers “may have improved the smell properties of their krill oils, none can make the same claims we can about K-Real Gold.” 

In addition, he said, K-Real Gold is the company’s first product to harness the potential of the MSO 2.0 technology. He noted that innovation is an important area for the company and said that it plans to continue to invest in its MSO 2.0 and other proprietary technologies.

Avner Avissara, vice president of nutrition at Enzymotec, commented in a press release: “The introduction of K-Real Gold, using our cutting-edge MSO 2.0 technology, enables Enzymotec to offer the market a unique product of unprecedented quality. This launch reaffirms Enzymotec’s commitment to delivering the highest-quality krill products to remain competitive in a crowded krill oil market.”

The company says that K-Real is available for immediate purchase, with an additional “low-sodium” offering available in the European Union. 



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