Emulsified Omega-3 Products from Coromega Offer Enhanced Bioavailability, Study Suggests


Significantly higher blood levels of EPA omega-3s were found in study participants supplementing with Coromega products over other omega-3 emulsified liquids or soft gels.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/luoman

Photo © iStockphoto.com/luoman

Coromega (Carlsbad, CA) has announced new study results published in Lipids that suggest two of its emulsified omega-3 liquid products, Coromega Big Squeeze and Coromega Omega-3 Squeeze, are significantly more bioavailable than competing omega-3 products. Compared to the two other omega-3 products tested-a soft gel and another emulsified liquid product-participants consuming either of the Coromega products showed significantly higher blood levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) at 48 hours after taking a single dose of the supplement. All of the omega-3 products studied in this trial were derived from fish oil.

The randomized, crossover study included 10 healthy participants aged 18–60 who consumed each of the four experimental administrations in turn, with a washout period of 1–2 weeks separating each treatment. The three emulsified products studied were Coromega Big Squeeze Nectar, Coromega Omega-3 Squeeze, and Barlean’s Omega Swirl, while the capsular triacylglycerol was a fish oil capsule from Nordic Naturals.

At 48 hours after supplementation, the Coromega Omega-3 Squeeze group and the Coromega Big Squeeze group both showed significantly higher blood EPA levels, suggesting “a greater amount of omega-3 was absorbed into the blood from the supplements,” Coromega noted. Blood levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), however, were not significantly changed between treatment groups.

“From this study we can see that a single dose of Coromega’s fish oil has a profound effect on the blood’s composition of EPA omega-3 level,” said Doug Bibus, PhD, scientific advisory board member for Coromega. “Once in the blood, EPA is then available to be dispersed to various areas and tissues in the body, providing sought-after health benefits of omega-3s, such as heart, skin, inflammation, immune, and mental health.”

In its announcement, the firm explained that while fish oil is typically difficult to digest, “the fish oil droplets in Coromega’s emulsified formulas are smaller and more bioavailable, making them easier to digest and absorb omega-3s, allowing for faster passage into the digestive tract.” Coromega also says its supplement products feature multi-layer barrier packaging that help minimize exposure to UV rays and oxygen, making for a more stable product.

“Many fish oil brands promise high levels of omega-3s, but in reality most of the supplement simply passes through the body without complete absorption, leaving behind valuable health benefits for the consumer,” said Andrew Aussie, COO for Coromega. “We’re elated to be able to give our consumers scientific reassurance that they’re not only taking a significant dose of omega-3s with Coromega supplements, but they’re also getting superior absorption to better achieve the health benefits they’re looking for.”

Coromega Omega-3 Squeeze is available in daily-dose pouches and contains 2000 mg of fish oil per serving, including 350 mg EPA and 230 mg DHA. The Coromega Big Squeeze, meanwhile, comes in a family-size pouch with 3000 mg of fish oil per serving. Each two-teaspoon serving of the Big Squeeze offers 650 mg of EPA and 230 mg of DHA.


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine


Raatz SK et al., “Enhanced bioavailability of EPA from emulsified fish oil preparations versus capsular triacylglycerol,” Lipids, vol. 51, no. 5 (May 2016): 643–651

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