Eggshell Membrane May Ease Osteoarthritis Pain, Stiffness


Stratum Nutrition says this is the second independent trial conducted on its NEM brand eggshell membrane in Europe suggesting efficacy for reducing osteoarthritis pain.

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A new study out of Italy suggests NEM brand eggshell membrane may reduce pain, stiffness, and analgesic use associated with osteoarthritis. The findings make this the second such independent trial from Europe to find osteoarthritis pain benefits related to NEM eggshell membrane, according to the partner companies behind the ingredient, Stratum Nutrition (St. Charles, MO) and ESM Technologies (Carthage, MO).

Researchers recruited 25 subjects aged 18 and older suffering from mild to moderate pain due to osteoarthritis for the open-label clinical study. Based on a participant questionnaire derived from the Western Ontario & McMcaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) questionnaire, researchers found NEM supplementation produced a significant reduction of both pain and stiffness at 10 days and 30 days after starting treatment.

Additionally, rescue analgesic use decreased by 78% in the first 10 days of the study, and all subjects reported no analgesic use for the final 20 days of the study.

Researchers concluded that “NEM is an effective and safe natural therapeutic option for the treatment of both pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis of the knee.”

“We’re always pleased when an independent study is conducted that corroborates our own clinical results, particularly when it confirms NEM’s fast onset of efficacy. And this is the second such independent trial conducted in Europe,” says Kevin J. Ruff, PhD, senior director of scientific and regulatory affairs, Stratum Nutrition. “The Italian researchers did an excellent job of demonstrating that NEM can have a very real impact on one’s quality of life through a reduction in the need to take analgesics on a daily basis.”


Study details

The prospective, single-center, open-label study consisted of subjects consuming 500 mg of NEM in oral capsules once daily for four weeks. Participants completed a 10-question, abbreviated questionnaire derived from the WOMAC osteoarthritis questionnaire at baseline, 10 days after beginning intervention, and 30 days after beginning intervention.

At 10 days after participants began consuming the eggshell membrane ingredient, researchers observed a statistically significant 40.6% reduction in composite pain, a statistically significant 22.2% reduction in composite stiffness, and use of rescue analgesic dropping by 78%. The improvements continued until the end of the study, with a significant 66.4% reduction in pain and a significant 59.7% reduction in stiffness observed at day 30.

NEM was found to be well tolerated by the participants and there were no adverse events reported during the study, noted researchers.


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine


Brunello E et al., “NEM brand eggshell membrane effective in the treatment of pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis of the knee in an Italian study population,” International Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol. 7 (February 2016): 169–175

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