Edible Glitter That’s Natural?


The flakes can add sparkle to products like snacks, baked goods, beverages, frozen foods, and confectionery.

Photo from Watson Inc.

For the clean-label crowd looking for a little sparkle, edible-film specialist Watson Inc. (West Haven, CT) has added natural-colored flakes to its trademark Edible Glitter line. The flakes can be used as toppings and inclusions in products like snacks, baked goods, beverages, frozen food, and confectionery.

The Nature Color flakes comprise gum arabic and draw on color from natural ingredients like cabbage juice, algae, carrots, radish, turmeric, and annatto. Lighter in weight compared to traditional sprinkles, the flakes have a neutral flavor and contain no sugar, artificial sweeteners, fats, or hydrogenated vegetable oils. They are heat stable without burning or browning at temperatures up to 450°F. The company can also custom color flakes.


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