dsm-firmenich to launch innovative vitamin B2 ingredient, Humiome B2, at Vitafoods Europe 2024


The ingredient, called Humiome B2, is designed to ensure targeted vitamin B2 delivery to the colon, with prebiotic-like benefits.

Photo © AdobeStock.com/BillionPhotos.com

Photo © AdobeStock.com/BillionPhotos.com

Dsm-firmenich to launch the “world’s first ‘biotic’ vitamin” at Vitafoods Europe 2024 (booth D90). The ingredient, called Humiome B2, is designed to ensure targeted vitamin B2 delivery to the colon, with prebiotic-like benefits of modulating and nourishing the gut microbiome to support gut barrier integrity, immune health, mental health, and metabolic health.

According to the company, the majority of vitamin B2 supplements are absorbed in the small intestine while Humiome B2 releases about 90% of vitamin B2 into the lower intestine and colon where about 90% of the body’s microbiota live. The remainder gets absorbed in the small intestine. Dsm-firmenich explains that this is possible due to the company’s unique IP-protected Microbiome Targeted Technology, which is a dual-action colon-targeting delivery system with a two-layer natural coating.

The first coating, says the company, protects the riboflavin core from the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach and small intestine, capable of withstanding digestive enzymes and low pH, while the inner layer remains intact until reaching the colon. In the colon, the inner layer dissolves and releases the riboflavin.

"Humiome B2 is a true breakthrough in Health from the Gut innovation, representing the culmination of dsm-firmenich's journey to develop microbiome-targeted vitamin solutions. As the first product in our Humiome portfolio to feature Microbiome Targeted Technology – which is backed by extensive pre-clinical and human clinical studies – we are confident that Humiome B2 will help our customers address the needs of consumers seeking holistic Health from thegGut solutions," said Ruedi Duss, global gut & metabolic lead at dsm-firmenich, in a press release. "As well as maximizing the bioavailability of riboflavin in the colon to nourish the gut microbiome, Humiome B2 with MTT – the first ‘biotic’ vitamin – can work alongside other gut health enablers including pro-, pre- and postbiotics and human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). The solution also offers multiple functional benefits for formulators, such as enhancing vitamin stability by protecting against humidity, light and oxygen.”

Interested parties can also attend an in-depth session on the science behind the ingredient from PD Dr. Sc. Robert E. Steinert, HNC Principal Scientist at dsm-firmenich at the Vitafoods Priobiotics Theater on May 14 from 11:30-11:55 AM CET.

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