DolCas Biotech introduces high concentration ginger extract


DolCas Biotech Ltd. has added a highly concentrated all-natural ginger root extract called Ginfort to its portfolio of botanical ingredients.


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DolCas Biotech Ltd. (Landing, NJ) has added a highly concentrated all-natural ginger root extract called Ginfort to its portfolio of botanical ingredients. Formulated by Olene Life Sciences, based in India, Ginfort’s patented production process concentrates the highly lipophilic gingeroids to 26% standard, more than half of which is 6-gingerol. The most prominent gingeroid, 6-gingerol is responsible for ginger’s characteristic pungent flavor, and well known for its spasmolytic activity on the gut wall, and its capacity to normalize gut motility.

Ginfort’s proprietary extraction process solves common challenges faced by formulators, namely: achieving low-dose actives, providing high clinical effectiveness, and maintaining stability. Its high-potency action is due to a blend of food-grade inactives applied to a base material of solvent-free extracts of ginger oleoresins, with CO2 used to isolate and enrich the gingeroids and other ginger actives.

“The unique extraction process for Ginfort optimizes the functionality and potency of the oleoresin and other actives in ginger, bringing the millennia-long medicinal uses of ginger to the forefront of science and market development,” said Vivek A. Parachur, co-founder and CEO of Olene, in a press release.

“In the fourth quarter of a tumultuous 2020, and at the crossroads of the most festive, food-centered season, we decided to launch Ginfort as DolCas’ newest patented active, bringing our solution for digestive health to people across the globe,” explained Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND, director of Medical and Scientific Affairs for DolCas, in a press release.

Thoroughly evaluated for safety per OECD guidelines, an upcoming study endorses Ginfort for its beneficial role on dyspepsia. “This upcoming study on digestive health will be among many studies trials to be performed on Ginfort, as the clinical possibilities are endless,” said K.G. Rao, DolCas President and CEO. “An internal commitment to keep our brands commercially relevant through expanding and evolving science portfolios are key elements of our mission, but foundationally it begins with pioneering collaborations — such as we have developed with Olene.”

Ginfort can used in powder fills, soft gels, and liquid capsules, with the potential for its integration into lozenges being currently assessed.

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