DolCas Biotech announces Non-GMO Project Verification of its green-lipped mussel extract


DolCas Biotech LLC has announced that its MMP-50 green-lipped mussel extract is Non-GMO Project-verified.

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DolCas Biotech LLC (Landing, NJ) has announced that its MMP-50 green-lipped mussel extract is Non-GMO Project-verified. According to DolCas, the cold-process, DNA-verified extract is the first of its seven clinically researched ingredients to get verified by the Non-GMO Project, but confirms its plans to pursue the certification across its portfolio.

“Given the pristine conditions of the New Zealand waters, the mussel farming practices that are tightly regulated by the local authorities, and the consistent quality of this ingredient, we were confident that MMP-50 would meet the high standards and rigorous accounting required of the project’s product verification program,” said K.G. Rao, DolCas Biotech’s CEO and founder, in a press release.

“This verification is just one of the components of the impressive marketing suite backing MMP-50,” added Shavon Jackson-Michel, director of medical and scientific affairs for DolCas. “Each batch of MMP-50 is tested for DNA to validate exclusive Perna canaliculus—Green Lipped Mussel—sourcing, against adulterated and counterfeit mussel preparations from blue, black, and even brown shell varieties. The proprietary, cold-processed whole-mussel extract boasts a unique, fully-preserved spectrum of synergistically active compounds, including protein, lipids, anti-inflammatory omega-3s, carbohydrates—including joint supportive glycosaminoglycans—and a host of vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients. This distinguishes MMP-50 from other green lipped mussel extracts in the market that are either cooked, or solvent-extracted, concentrated lipid fractions, or defatted formulations that upcycle remnant components of the green lipped mussel after the lipids have been isolated.”

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