Divi’s Nutraceuticals to present clean-label spray-drying alternative and other free-from ingredients: IFT FIRST 2023 Preview


The company’s Novel Application vitamin and carotenoid range allows companies to make spray-dried products without using silicon dioxide.

Photo from Divi’s Nutraceuticals

Photo from Divi’s Nutraceuticals

Vitamin and carotenoid supplier Divi’s Nutraceuticals, a division of Divi’s Laboratories (Florham Park, NJ), will highlight its clean-label offerings at the 2023 IFT FIRST Food Expo taking place in Chicago on July 16-19, 2023, at booth S0113. One of its innovations is its Novel Application range of carotenoids and vitamins that enables companies to make spray-dried products without using silicon dioxide.

“As an expert in chemical synthesis and formulation, Divi’s has the technical capabilities to produce silicone dioxide–free spray-dried products with the same performance and characteristics as conventional spray-dried products, resulting in nanoparticle-free ingredients,” the company’s press release states. “Moreover, these products contain no synthetic antioxidant, no palm oil, and no added sugar, while maintaining excellent stability and texture.”

Also at the show, Divi’s will highlight its partnership with natural-astaxanthin supplier Algalif. Using Algalif’s astaxanthin oleoresin naturally sourced from microalgae, Divi’s creates highly concentrated AstaBead astaxanthin beadlets that contain 5% astaxanthin, which the company calls the highest concentration on the market, thus enabling smaller-sized tablets and capsules. These beadlets can be used in products like nutrition bars and beverages.

Finally, Divi’s will showcase how its carotenoids serve as good clean-label color alternatives to artificial dyes. Its range of synthetic and natural carotenoids creates hues ranging from light yellow to dark red.

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