Cypress Systems introduces premium line of chelated minerals


Cypress Systems is launching a premium line of chelated minerals called TheChelates.

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Cypress Systems (Fresno, CA) is launching a premium line of pure, fully-reacted chelated minerals called TheChelates. According to the company, the scientifically tested chelated minerals are as close to nature’s natural food form as possible.

“Created with patented chelated technology, TheChelates are superior to other more problematic chelated minerals because they are not diluted, blended or buffered with inorganic minerals. No inorganic buffers means superior absorption,” explains Cypress Systems CEO Paul Willis, in a press release. “They also do not contain maltodextrin, and will not cause the undesirable side effects typically associated with minerals.”

The minerals available under TheChelates line include:

  • Zinc bisglycinate
  • Ferrous bisglycinate
  • Magnesium bisglycinate
  • Calcium bisglycinate
  • Calcium citrate malate
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Manganese bisglycinate
  • Copper bisglycinate

“Our reputation is at stake. Our customers expect high-quality ingredients that are backed by science. We would not be launching TheChelates unless we were confident that they are the purest and most efficacious minerals available,” Willis continues. “Having premium minerals in the right dose, backed by gold-standard research, can be a distinct competitive advantage. We are providing formulators with endless possibilities instead of the typical limitations associated with chelated minerals.”

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